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Whether you are a freelancer or a large agency, it has never been more important to promote yourself.  Now I do not mean give yourself a raise…I mean publicize you and the services that you offer!

Unless you are sitting on a fat AIG bonus, you should always be looking for your next client.  Getting new business keeps the cash flowing and your workers happy.  You work so hard to get that lead, do you want to take a chance that they will remember you in a few months?  Why not give them something to remember you by?

How many magnets do you have on your fridge?  How many pens do you have in your desk?  How many T-shirts do you have in your gym bag?  Those are all promotional products designed to stick with the recipient and remind them of the sponsor when the time comes to order a pizza, buy a new home or invest in an IRA.  You get the idea.  Today, you can put a name and logo on almost anything!

Maybe you have dealt with a sleazy person in the past pushing such products.  They gave you a quote, but “forgot” to mention some hidden additional costs.  Yes, I know quite a few of them.  But, times are different now thanks to the Web.  There are many websites which offer products ranging from single-runs to large-scale million runs.  I will be discussing on-demand micro-printers to ASI businesses and that area in-between.

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