Annoying blinking cursor in Photoshop CS3!

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I love Photoshop.  I use it almost everyday.  But, there are times…

I have been living with an annoying blinking cursor in Photoshop CS3.  It was so bad that it would take two or three clicks just to get a response.

I tried Googling for a solution and found nothing.  So, I called Adobe.  They suggested the following:

  1. Review the plugin folder for unused filters
  2. Check the RAM setting in Photoshop and lower it to 55% of available RAM.
  3. Uncheck the Versions Que.

This worked!  I found a timed-out version of Portraiture 2.  Deleted it.  Lowered the RAM to 55% and unchecked the Version Que. Then, re-started Photoshop.

No more blinking cursor.

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  1. Greetings,
    Thanks for the tips on this problem. I’ve been experiencing the same issue for some time now. And like you, I’ve tried Google on it a few times with little result. I was able to complete steps 2 and 3 through the “Preferences” window on the Edit dropdown with no problem. Unfortunately the situation still exists. I am a bit unclear however on how to perform step one. I’ve never installed any additional plugins on my version of Photoshop. I did find a “Plugins” section in the Preferences area, but it seems a bit nondescript as far as how I would search for unused or timed-out versions of existing plugins. Am I looking in the right spot, or should I be going through the file manager (Win Explorer assuming you’re on a PC)? Any help you could lend on this would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards, Dave

  2. If you have never installed a plugin, don’t worry about Step #1.

    It sounds like you need to increase your computer’s memory (real RAM, not virtual). Did you ever install a “pen mouse” like a Wacom tablet? Those drivers are buggy. That was the first thing I removed.

    As long as you are working with a registered copy of Photoshop, Adobe is very helpful. Try giving them a call to see what they suggest.

  3. Hello again,
    Thanks for all of the suggestions and input. To answer some questions – yes I did have a Wacom pad installed. And yes I am working with a registered copy of CS3. But it appears that the solution from Steven Frank was the cure to my woes. I installed and ran the “license recovery tool” from Adobe, and hey! – No more blinky cursors!!! I hope the solution works as well for anyone else in need. Have a great day, making great art.
    Dave Nash

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