Custom Canon 5D Mark II USB Flash Drive

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canoncustomusbYesterday, I wrote about making a BIG impression with a custom-shaped USB Flash Drive.

Today, this custom USB in the shape of a Canon 5D Mark II with EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens is making a big splash on ebay.  It was given to the members of the Hong Kong Canon Club.  This club also received custom USBs in the shape of a Canon 450D.

The detail is amazing.  Anyone receiving it would definitely be WOWed.  This was a big ticket promotion which will be remembered for years.

Great way to promote the launch of a new product.  Give a unique promotional item to a vocal and prominent group and let them talk about it to create buzz…or in this case, sell them on ebay and get the rest of the fan-base talking.

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