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With every new digital camera, the distinction between photographer and Photoshop-user has blurred.  It always starts with the skill behind the camera but ends with the skill in front of the computer.  Let’s face it, every photography can be pleasantly “enhanced” by Photoshop.

As a result, over the passed few years, the standard photography magazines have become more digital.  Sure, you will still see the occasional ad for “film”, but you see many more for digital memory.  Just think … you are living through a transition like record to cassette to CD.

I had stopped reading Popular Photography years ago because it seemed too dated.  After wondering around Borders looking for books on digital photography, I ended up in front of the magazine rack.  I picked up an issue of “Photography” and then realized it was good ol’ “Popular Photography”.  Not only did I buy it, but I decided to subscribed to it.

Thanks to the Web, it has become very easy to shop for bargains on magazines.  A place to start is Amazon.  Yes, Amazon now has a very large selection of magazine subscriptions.  Another place to look is MagazineLine.  I have ordered from both.  But, there is another option…bargaining with the magazine directly.

A new subscriber is found gold for a magazine.  Not because of the subscription but because it increases their circulation which justifies their ad ratesMagazines do not make money from their subscriptions.  The real money maker is the ad revenue. As a result, they are “flexible” with their subscription rates.  Here is the trick:

  1. Shop around for the lowest rate (don’t forget to check trade shows and user groups!)
  2. Call the magazine’s subscription department and ask them to match the price.

By subscribing direct with the magazine, you will be in cycle to get the next magazine instead of waiting 6-8 weeks.  So, which magazines should you consider.  Here is my list:



Start with their website and then a magazine at the newsstand.  I recommend that you start with the magazines at the right: PC Photo, Outdoor Photographer and Digital Photo Pro.  I would also recommend Photoshop User, but at a subscription of $99 per year, it really is an “investment”.

So, which ones do you read?

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