Promotional products remind your clients of you and your services.

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Do you fit any of these situations:

  • Your potential client is meeting with three different groups.  All will be submitting a proposal and making a presentation.  How do you distinguish yourself from the crowd?
  • You know your clients have projects coming up, but how do you get them to remember to call you instead of Googling someone new?
  • You rented a table at the local Chamber of Commerce, and handed out flyers which will probably be “filed”.  How do you make an impact?

The answer to all of these questions is promotional products.

Promotional products are that something extra.  The more creative ones could make the difference between those potential clients thinking of you or your competition.  But, budgets are tight, so you want the most bang for the buck.  You want something that will be kept and used for an extended period of time.  The longer the shelf life, the longer that product will remind them of you.  So, what should you do?  Try one of these:

  • Stress balls: stress balls come in thousands of stock shapes and colors.  These are big hits with a male target groups, but also effect with office workers and kids.  They’re just fun!  Look at the retro spaceship on the left!  That’s going to stick around for a long time.
  • Grocery bags: nothing says eco-friendly more than those non-woven grocery bags.  They are all over and people love them.  These stock bags are available in a variety of colors and can even take full-color imprints.  Again, this is going to stick around and, with every use, you have a walking billboard promoting your business!  It also shows that your are “helping to protect the environment”.
  • Mouse pads: almost every business and every home has a computer.  Most people are still using the mouse pad that came with the computer.  They are dying for something new, especially if it is something that can be personalized.  Look at the mouse pad on the lower right.  It is a “picture frame” mouse pad.  The center insert is removed by the recipient and filled with a photo of their kid or vacation or whatever.  By letting them personalize it, they will happily replace their old mouse pad and give your business counter space.  They will see your name every time they use their computer.

Getting business is tough and getting tougher.  Promotional products like these remind your target audience of you and your services.  If they think of you when that project comes up, you are one step closer to landing that new business.

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