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photographerseyeThere are so many books on how-to use a camera, but not many that focus on photographic composition.  I am not talking about creating a photo collage in Photoshop.  I mean the old-fashioned way to plan a photo BEFORE the shutter is pressed.  Sure, you can always crop to your hearts content, but you are sacrificing megapixels and resolution.  If you plan the shot ahead of time, you are maximizing the all those captured bits.

The Photographer’s Eye by Michael Freeman is the best book on composition and design. Period. It is one of the few books that I could not wait to order online.  I discovered it in Borders and gladly paid full price to bring it home.

The book consists of the following chapters:

  • The Image Frame: how to fill the “frame” of the image
  • Design Basics: contrast, balance, dynamic tension, depth, and perspective
  • Graphic & Photographic Elements: now we get to the good stuff.  Pages filled with dynamic photos and wonderful analysis of elements and composition.  His examples clearly support each point.
  • Composing with Light & Color: discussions on color theory and relationships
  • Intent: the best shot is rarely the “easy” shot.
  • Process: combining previously discussed points in planning the shot and waiting for the right moment to capture.

There are very few books that cover photographic composition in such detail.  This book will sharpen your ability to see the elements and plan the best shot.  It is a great book and a wonderful addition to anyone’s collection.

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