Price-controls on Hoya’s new HD filters

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I love Hoya filters.  I have a collection of them.  But, I could not understand why their new HD filters were so expensiveThe answer is price-controls!

The following language is contained in the “special agreement” which must be signed in order to sell the Hoya HD filters:

5. To never advertise or sell HD filters, either in print or electronic media, below the recommended MAP pricing of  1.5X Dealer catalog unit pricing. Reasonable “rounding down” or multiple volume discount (% only) is permitted.

6. Retail Dealer agrees that at any HD filter MAP violation shall result in penalties of:

a. 1st verifiable infraction will result in THK withholding HD filter shipments for 30 days to the Retail Dealer.
b: 2nd verifiable infraction will result in THK withholding HD filter shipments for 60 days to the Retail Dealer.
c. 3rd verifiable infraction will result in the termination of this agreement and the shipment of HD filters to the Retail Dealer by THK immediately and without further notice.

I have obtained a copy of Hoya’s special agreement and have verified the above language against that agreement.

In order to get around this agreement, there are several international sellers on ebay who do sell real Hoya filters at great discounts.  Just look for the PowerSellers with 99% approval ratings like MaxSaver.

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2 Replies to “Price-controls on Hoya’s new HD filters”

  1. The H Marketing Story,
    The extra dealer discounts for buying more H, on top of the “book” dealer price, on H go up to 40% extra off for orders over $4,000 US dollars
    So a $150 H xx filter retail “Miniumun Ad Price” cost US dealer $60 US. remember it’s only a camera filter!!
    even what dealers pay is high. fancy box, sexy digital name, who’s got the most coatings
    do the math on the 82mm CPL. one a week is more than many americans make in several days.

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