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canon5diiConsidering a new camera or lens is an expensive decision.  It is best to read as many articles as possible to help you make the right decision.  Sure, you could just read the manufacturer’s press release, but that is not going to be unbiased.  The following are my favorite Camera Equipment Reviews on the Web:

  • Steve’s Digicams:  one of the largest independent source of camera reviews.  These detailed reviews contain specs, features, controls,  Steve’s Conclusions and sample shots to make comparing easy.
  • William Castleman:  if you are considering an expensive Canon L lens, this is the place to start.
  • Camera Labs:  these reviews include specs, sample shots and comparisons across various comparable models.
  • DP Review:  reviews of major camera releases and lenses.
  • C|NET:  not the widest selection of reviews, but the cameras that are selected receive a video review as well as a detailed written review.  Plus, members can also chime in with User Reviews.
  • Amazon: you probably already know about Amazon and their Customer Reviews.  These reviews are typically your “average user” and should be considered as such.
  • Consumer Reports: not the widest selection of reviews, but they usually have updated reviews in the Fall before the Holiday rush.

A camera or dSLR lens should be considered an investment. It is also something that you will trust to record your memories.  Be sure to do the research.

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