Shhhh…Best source for tech rumors

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The web is a great source for info.  But, it’s an even better source to spread tech rumors.  Depending on what you are looking for, check these sites to stay ahead of the curve:


Cell Phones & Gadgets:

  • if there is a new phone on the horizon, the Boy knows about it.  Great source for pending releases.
  • covering a wide variety of phones, video gaming and other electronics
  • Gizmodo: more news than rumors, but still worth checking out for some really bizarre gadgets.
  • another great source for phone info.  Excellent review section.
  •  pulling info from other sites, covers a variety of gadgets, computer and gaming products


  • one of the largest collections of news and rumors collecting from sources all over the web.
  • C|NET:  one of the original tech news sources, still has one of the largest dedicated news staffs.
  • Technorati: their Technology channel is more news than rumors, but sometimes they have a gem.
  •  original news, rumors and opinions about technology


  • great source for rumors on Apple computers, Ipods and phones. Not ThinkSecret, but what is.
  • another great source for Apple rumors
  • yet another Apple rumor site


Want to recommend a site for the list? Post a comment below.

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