Trio of Font Tools for XP/Vista

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PC users can collect as many fonts as any Mac user.  Whether free fonts from the web, purchased font packs or included fonts in new programs, these fonts accumulate.  But, with all these fonts, it can be tough to find the right ones.  More advanced users may even want to convert fonts or even modify them for specific uses.  The following tools will fit the bill:

Printers Apprentice 8. List price $25. Save $5 by using the coupon code PHOTOFRAMD. It features:

  • Support for TrueType, Adobe Type 1 and OpenType fonts
  • Preview fonts without installing them
  • Install/uninstall fonts
  • User-defined font groups
  • Review all characters in a font at various point sizes
  • Compare fonts side-by-side
  • Quickly browse fonts/font groups
  • Print reference pages, sample sheets and font catalogs without installing fonts
  • Print a keyboard chart showing the selected font.
Printers Apprentice 8

Printers Apprentice 8

CrossFontList price $45.  It features:

  • Converting TrueType fonts between Windows PC and Macintosh
  • Converting PostScript Type 1 fonts to OpenType fonts for Windows PC and Macintosh
  • Converting PostScript Type 1 fonts between Windows PC and Macintosh
  • Generating missing supporting font files (AFM, PFM, INF, PFA, etc.)
  • Generating character outlines, metrics and hinting are preserved between platforms
  • Creating font families.


TypeTool 3List Price $99. It features:

  • Full featured font creator and editor
  • Creating fonts from scratch
  • Modifying existing fonts and saving as “new” fonts
  • Generate OpenType, PostScript Type 1 and TrueType fonts
  • Modify one font through font variations into a full font family
  • Importing bitmap images to create fonts
  • Great for importing a company logo for to create a company “font” easily usable in Office products.
TypeTool 3

TypeTool 3

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