Two Tourist Guides for NYC

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As I wrote back on April 6th, I love to wander around NYC with my camera.  I am always looking for some place new to discover.  New York City is soo big, even a native can find something new.  The photo-op books and architectural guides are good starts, but sometimes you just can’t beat a tourist guide.  The following two are under $15 and great to carry around:

nyc-touristguidesI had the older version of the Top 10 New York by DK Eyewitness Travel.  Actually, I have had several copies.  Friends kept borrowing it and never gave it back.  Since it was only $10, I really couldn’t complain.  The new 2009 edition was just released, and I saw it all over Manhattan last weekend.  DK raised the price to $14, but added a laminated pull-out map which easily justifies the increase.  Let’s say you want to find the top 10 things in Midtown or in Chelsea or the top 10 music venues or bars.  You get the idea.  Very convenient.  Very straight-forward.

Streetwise Manhattan is a great laminated map which combines all streets, subways and major venues on the same 2-sided map (half uptown, half downtown).  There is also a small dedicated subway map for quick reference. At only $7, it perfect for any briefcase, backpack or camera bag.

If you are planning a day trip or an extrended NYC vacation, either of these guides will help you navigate the city.  Or, get them both.  You never know what you might find only in New  York…

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