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Copyright-copywrongsIt seem like everything has that “circle c” claiming a copyright.  But how do you get it and what does it do?  Software Cinema just released “Copyrights & Copywrongs 2” by Jack Reznicki which explains the basics, the application process and protections granted. In 2008, The US Copyright Office launched the Electronic Copyright Office (eCO) to allow copyright registration electronically through the Web. An eCO registration is only $35 for all images registered together as a “collection”.  Just follow the link for eCO at (official US Copyright Office). Jack walks you through the entire process to login and register a new claim (“work of visual arts”) with one title for the collection (group) being registered.  It only takes about 15–minutes to fill-out the online forms and Jack makes it straightforward.  (Once you do complete a claim, you can even save it as a template for future filings.)  Just add the registration to your cart, checkout and then “Upload Deposit” to FTP images.  The images can be Zipped and organized through folders and you can upload multiple Zip files in the same claim; however, each upload has a maximum time limit of 30–minutes.

Some Basic Info Covered By the DVD:

  • A copyright exists from the moment of creation; however, it must be registered to be protected.
  • A Copyright protects:
    • reproduction
    • derivatives
    • distribution
    • performance (for music, plays, or movies)
    • display (for art, photos)
  • Length of copyright: Your life plus 70 years
  • Start Date of Copyright: when US Copyright Office receives all required elements in an acceptable form
  • Unless you file a copyright registration, you cannot file a federal law suit.  (Your legal remedies will be greatly reduced without it.)  With registration, you can:
    • file a federal lawsuit
    • recover legal fees
    • statutory damages
  • What do you need to register:
    • size original images down to a low resolution 72dpi JPGs
    • HI-RES images are not necessary.  The image must be large enough to clearly identify it in court.
    • include copies of original and all variations (just in case)
    • include individual elements as well as the final composite.
  • The US has reciprocal relations with most countries and US Copyrights will be honored by those countries (just be sure to the copyright symbol and “All Rights Reserved”.)
  • created by the PPA to provide photographers and artists with copyright information.

In 80–minutes, Jack Reznicki makes this complicated topic easy enough for a novice to file a copyright claim through the eCO.  My only complaint is that the video does not have bookmarks.  Such bookmarks would make this video a great quick reference, especially if you go a few months between filings.

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