Genuine Fractals 6 – in the details

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I have used Genuine Fractals since it was released by LizardTech. But, when On One Software purchased it, they continued to refine it. On One just released version 6 and the results are impressive.


To test this new version, I resized the above image (shown in the Genuine Fractal 6 interface). The original image was 3888×2593 pixels, and I resized it in Photoshop down to 1000×668 pixels. Then, using Genuine Fractals 6, I enlarged it back to its original size. The results are impressive. The image below shows a close-up of the original image and the Genuine Fractals enlarged image (from the 1000 pixel version).


genfract6-a.jpg genfract6-b.jpg

Considering the image reduction, the details in the enlargement are impressive. Genuine Fractals works best with sharp images and enlarging them to super sizes. Whether you are trying to enlarge web graphics for print or supersizing images for posters, Genuine Fractals 6 can be your best solution.

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