Filter Forge plugin has 6000 Photoshop filters

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I was starting to look at those dedicated image sharpening filters when I though of checking Filter Forge.  As I previously posted, Filter Forge is really a platform for developers and even users to create and modify Photoshop filters.  Currently, there are over 6000 filters available for Filter Forge.  There are 4 different editions (starters with limited filters and then basic, standard and professional editions with unlimited filters).

Back to my search for a sharpening filter, I found the Advanced Sharpening filter which converts the image to Lab and then uses an edge detection algorithum.  Sliders provide dedicated options for Lights & for Darks.


Now with over 6000 filters, there is plenty to choose from.  The following are just a sample applied to the same photo as above.





Filter Forge has a 30% off sale on all editions, but the sale ends this week.  Be advised, there is a limitation on the number of installs.  However, there are additional discounts for volume purchases starting with just 2!

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