Weeee, I got a Palm Pre !!!

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palm-pre1Sorry, but I have been a little distracted today.  I have been busy playing with my newest toy, the Palm Pre.

I have been a Treo users for years, and have been in desperate need for a new phone.  I have tried the iPhone several times, but I really need a keyboard.  And, being able to swap out the battery myself is a huge plus.

The first thing you notice with the Pre is the screen.  It is so sharp and the colors are so vivid, the screen is amazing.  And, viewing the web on the Pre is fantastic.  Web pages load super-fast and you can zoom in and out with muli-touch controls.

But, how is it as a phone? So far, I am able to make calls and keep talking in areas that my old Treo proved highly unreliable.  In fact, I have yet to drop a call.  That alone makes the switch worthwhile.

One word of warning — you are better off handling the transfer of you contacts, calendar, etc. yourself. The Sprint techs will try it, but large contact lists will cause a problem.  It is not a typical phone.  Because the Pre stores a phone back-up at your Pre Profile (located on the Palm website) the data loaded directly to the phone will get backed-up and reloaded to the phone.  One customer said that he had 5-of every contact and it was still multiplying with every hourly back-up.

Do yourself a favor and go to www.palm.com/migrate-pre and handle the transfer yourself.

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