Topaz Labs Denoise 3 – tough on digital noise!

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I love the Canon G9.  More than just an ordinary point-n-shoot, it packs controls found only on a dSLR.  But, can it generate digital noise!  Take a look at the image below:


I was trying to capture a few shots of this tradeshow for a project.  It was on the weekend and I had plans later that made carrying my full gear difficult.  Enter the G9 … perfect solution. In the camera’s preview, the image looked great. But, when I looked at it full screen on my monitor, I was very disappointed by all the digital noise.  Thankfully, Denoise 3 is tough on noise but kind to details.  Yesterday, I discussed the general changes from Version 2 to Version3.  Let’s see how it handles this photo.


Two things to point out about the above section:  the polka dots stay sharp but the noise in the solid black shirt completely disappears.  Impressive!


Take a look at the above section: the pinstripes in his baseball cap stays sharp and so do the guitar strings.  The overall colors stay accurate including the red shirt and skin tones.

The more I use Denoise 3, the more impressed I am with it.

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