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I have been annoyed with Adobe for some time now.  More specifically, when they increased the upgrade price for the CS4 Suite by $200 (over the upgrade price of CS3 Suite).  Adobe did this on the verge of the current ecomonic recession.  No wonder they are having such a problem with software piracy!  Well, Adobe is finally taking a step in the right direction.  All Suite upgrades are currently discounted by $100. This offer expires August 31st.

But wait … there is a better deal! NAPP (the people behind Photoshop User Magazine) usually has a member’s discount on Adobe products.  In the past, it’s been 15%.  I checked the NAPP member’s site on Friday and they do not list the discount.  I called and spoke with a rep at NAPP who said that there is a discount coming, but it has not been finalized yet.  So, I called Adobe’s US Store at 800-585-0774 and asked them about a NAPP discount.  They said “Of Course … 15% on top of the $100 off!” Now that’s a good deal!  They do charge state tax and $5 for shipping, but it’s still the best deal on a REAL licensed upgrade.

downdirtycs4My next stop was Borders to check out the new CS4 books.  Very disappointing!  Most books were rehashes of previous editions updated for CS4.  The only book which had some REAL information on CS4 was Photoshop CS4 Down & Dirty Tricks by Scott Kelby.  NAPP members can buy the book direct for $26.99 … but if you call NAPP and rave about how much you love Photoshop User Magazine, you can get a 20% off coupon on top!  Not bad for a $45 book!

So what’s in this book?

  • Down & Dirty is the only book currently available that covers in length Photoshop CS4 Extended’s new 3D capabilites.  Great reason to buy it right there!  It covers primitives, lighting and the 3D mesh warp.
  • Using Lens Blur filter to create the Tilt-Shift Toy Model look
  • Using Smart Objects to replace images in a Photoshop file
  • Lot’s of examples of techniques for both CS3 & CS4.

Of course, the book does not cover everything in Photoshop CS4.  Another good book that does cover EVERYTHING in CS4 (except the 3D capabilities) is Photoshop CS4 The Missing Manual by Lesa Snider King.  Then again, VTC offers online training videos for the entire CS4 Suite.  All of the videos have introductory chapters which are available FREE for viewing!  Great way to try them out.  At only $30 for a month’s access to their entire online library, they are still the BEST value for quality training!

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