Palm Pre & Bluetooth Problems

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Overall, I am still happy with both the Palm Pre & Sprint.  But, it’s the little things that are really bothering me.

First, there is the problem with MotionApps Classic PalmOS emulator.  I can live without my games until that is fixed.  But, a bigger problem is the Bluetooth connection for the Pre.  There is an apparent incompatibility with the Pre & on-board Bluetooth Handsfree Device built into Nissan and Infinti cars/trucks/SUVs. The incompatibility causes static while using the Bluetooth to the point where the connection becomes unstable and disconnects.  Both parties hear the static, but the connection is crystal clear when switched to just the Pre Handset.  (Obviously, not a Sprint issue!)  The static is present even when the car is stationary with 5-bars!  (The Pre does make it very easy to switch Bluetooth on and off.  Just click the Speaker button on the Pre and select from the drop-down.)

Palm’s Support Forum is filled with threads about it.  If you are experiencing this problem, I urge you to call Palm’s Setup Hotline at 1(866)750-7256 and ask for a “Specialist” to file a complaint.

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