Solution to MotionApp’s Classic Blue Screen of Death on the Palm Pre

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classic-working06282009As I wrote in my previous post, MotionApps has had problems with their Classic PalmOs Emulator for the Palm Pre.  My own personal and frustrating experience has been nothing but Blue Screens of Death since Palm issued it’s 1.03 update.  To make matters worse, MotionApps can’t find the cause and has been unresponsive.

Well, I found the solution!  And, MotionApp caused their own problem!

As part of the different fixes, MotionApps created two Readme.txt files.  These files are causing the Blue Screen!

If you are having a Blue Screen issue, I would recommend the following:

* Start Classic and after the Blue Screen appears, select from the top menu:   Options > Hard Reset.  It will warn you about deleting all of your data, but it is the best way to get a stable program.  Classic will automatically close and bring you back to the Pre’s Launch window.

* Hold down the orange key and click Classic.  You are going to delete this version of classic and all of its remaining files.  Next, connect the Pre to your computer through sync cable using the USB Sync and delete the entire ClassicApps folder.  Disconnect the Pre from your computer.

* Go Back to the Launch window and select the App Store.  Download and install Classic again.  This gives you a clean install.  Launch Classic to be sure that it opens and is stable (no Blue Screen).

* Now, from your computer, download the latest ClassicROMUpdater.prc from MotionApps.  Connect the Pre with the sync cable again using the USB Sync.  Copy the ClassicRomUpdater.prc to the Pre’s ClassicApps/PALM/Launcher folder.  Disconnect the Pre and launch Classic.  In Classic, switch to the Internal category and double click on the ROM Updater icon.  When it has finished, click the OK button. Now, minimize Classic and toss the card away.

* Connect the Pre to your computer again through the USB Sync.  You have to find those readme.txt files.  They are two in these locations:

  • ClassicApps\Install\readme.txt
  • ClassicApps\PALM\Launcher\Install\readme.txt

* DELETE both readme.txt files!!

* Now you can install your PalmOS apps.  Just copy them to the ClassicApps\PALM\Launcher\Install\ folder.  Once you launch Classic again, you will need to click the Importer icon to import them into the Classic PalmOS emulation.  You can also now use the HotSync ID to add your old hot sync name.

At this point, I would limit installing programs one at a time.  The environment is still a little buggy.  I did manage to install Bejewelled 2, Chuzzle and Hammerheads.  Although, when I installed Chuzzle, I did get a Blue Screen again.  This time, I selected Safe Mode from the menu and relaunched Classic.  It worked in Safe Mode and openned Classic without a problem.  I imported Chuzzle and it worked properly!  The game’s sound even works now.

It seems stable for now.  Guess you can start answering the phones again MotionApps!

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8 Replies to “Solution to MotionApp’s Classic Blue Screen of Death on the Palm Pre”

  1. Thanks for the fixer! I hope this will correct my eReader problems. Also hope the new install of Classic remembers I plunked down $30 for the thing!

  2. I found another workaround which does not require ClassicRomUpdater. I was unaware of the fix you found which I will try anon. The workaround I used is as follows:

    1. DO NOT LOAD Rom updater
    2. Copy the desired programs into ClassicApps/PALM/Launcher. All such programs appear in the _Internal_ dropdown screen thereafter
    3. Include a file management program in the group (I used Resco Explorer)
    4. Use the file manager to install the programs you copied into ClassicApps/PALM/Launcher above, into RAM (“Install to RAM” in Resco}
    5. Programs install and appear in the Main screen and under the “Internal” tab.
    6. To date I have experienced no “blue screen of death”

    I would have preferred keeping ClassicRomUpdater and may reinstall it based on your instructions. Very good work.


  3. Glad to be of help! I have been going crazy with these Blue Screens for the past week. It seemed like there was some kind of inconsistency, some people reporting that Classic actually worked even after installing the 1.03 update. When I first saw those readme.txt file I wondered about them. I decided to give Classic one last try and decided to delete them to see if it made a difference. Sure did!

    I am glad eReader works now. With all the problems, I have been leery of installing too many things in Classic. It would be nice the get Resco back again.

    Thanks for all the positive comments!

  4. It was a stroke of genius deleting the .txt files. I wouldn’t have thought of it. Thanks again for your great work.


  5. How do I input the Hotsync I.D.with the latest version? I need it to register my programs. Thanks for your help.

  6. It’s the first one called “HotSync ID”. The one with the space.

    If you install a program that causes the Blue Screen, you should be able to put Classic in Safe Mode and then relaunch Classic to delete the bad program. It should work.

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