Syfy – how NOT to launch a rebranding

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The Sci Fi Channel is rebranding itself as Syfy starting today, 07/07/2009.  The network started the hype months ago.  Whether you agree with the name change or not, this is just sloppy.  At 2AM this morning (launch day), I received this email from the new Syfy introducing the brand:


Can’t see the image? Yes, that is right!  They announced the rebranding of their channel with an email that contains a missing graphic!  The HTML code points to the following:

<img src="http:///"
 alt="SCI FI Channel is now Syfy.  Click here to learn more!" width="735" height="990" border="0"
 usemap="#rebrand" >

To make this worse, when you follow the code to the actual image link, it displays the following image:


Omen of things to come or just sloppy?  If you are curious about where the network is really going, you need to see the promo video on the new   The video is excellent, especially the Escher-inspired segment for SyFy’s new show Warehouse 13 (even if the actors do not know who Escher was … another omen?)

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  1. First, I am a huge fan of your network; but the new logo is just childish. It looks as if a 5 year old is trying to learn how to spell. What’s next, reruns of “Misfits of Science”? It takes away the fact that your network has come a long way since those early years. “Eureka” is one of the smartest (no pun intended), funniest, “can’t wait to see the next edisode” shows on! Please go back to the original logo.

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