Tutorial: 3D Render Settings in Photoshop CS4 Extended – Part 4

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For the past few days, I have covered creating 3D objects in Swift3D PS (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).  But, when it comes to creating the final rendering, it’s Photoshop Extended that is in control.  Did you know that you can change the rendering effect in Photoshop Extended which can completely change the look?

Starting in Swift3D PS


I started with a Harry Potter-themed font from Dafont.com.  I positioned the letters in Illustrator, convered it to Outlines and saved the file as an AI file.  I imported the file into Swift3D PS, extruded it and applied textures.

Use Photoshop Extended to change the Render Settings


In Photoshop’s 3D Panel, you can adjust the render settings through a variety of Presets.  You can use these presets on any 3D object imported into Photoshp Extended.  The following are the most commonly used presets:


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