Tutorial: Liquify Filter & the Plus Model – Part 2

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Yesterday, I covered the basics of the Liquify Tool in Part 1.  Now for more of a challenge… making a Plus Model a little less plus.


1.  Freeze Mask over the face


Since I am going to save the face for last, I will draw a Freeze Mask over the model’s face.

2. Reducing some of the curves


Starting with the Plucker Tool, I sized the brush to cover the model’s upper torso.  Just a few clicks is all it takes.

3.  Nudging with the Forward Warp


With the Forward Tool selected, I used a large brush to nudge the model’s waist and hips.  Be sure to click in the white space and slide the brush towards the model.  Use multiple strokes to work down the hips.  This movement will make the effect more subtle and smooth.

4.  Now for the legs


I want to keep the line of the skirt straight and sharp.  With a mask over the skirt, I will use the Forward Warp Tool with a small brush to slenderize.  Again, very important to use multiple strokes to get a smooth effect.

5.  Starting with the face


The face will need the combination of a few tools.  To start, I am going to protect the eyes, nose and mouth with a Freeze Mask.

6. Fine Nudges with the Forward Warp Tool


With the details of the face protected, it is easy to nudge a few pounds off the model’s face.  Again, the goal is to click outside of the face and nudge to edge in.  I use a small brush with small strokes to keep fine control over the effect.

7. Pucker Tool over the face


With the head reshaped, the details of the face need to resized to match.  After removing the Freeze Mask, I used the Pucker Tool with a brush large enough to cover the model’s face.  Just one click or two will do it.

8.  Final touches


With most of the work done, it is time to look at some fine tooling.  The model’s neck and shoulders need a nudge with the Forward Warp Tool to re-align them with the head and body.  The model’s arms are a little large for her new frame.  Using the Forward Warp Tool with a larger brush, I nudged them into proper proportion.  With the Liquify effect completed, I clicked OK.  Just a few more touch-ups on the model’s legs and neck with the Smudge Tool, and the transformation was complete.

Tomorrow, it’s the Guy’s Turn with the Liquify Tool.



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