Tutorial: Liquify Filter & Average Joe – Part 3

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I covered the basics of  Photoshop’s  Liquify Filter Tool in Part 1 and Part 2.  Fair is fair.  It’s now time change the Average Joe into a G.I. Joe.


1.  Start with a Freeze Mask over the face


To protect the details in the face, I drew a Freeze Mask over the face.

2.  Expanding the model’s torso


With the Bloat Tool selected, I used a brush large enough to cover the model’s chest. Just a few clicks to expand out the girth of the model’s chest.  I used a smaller brush on the model’s shoulders to increase their size.

3.  Warping the pecs


With the chest expanded, the folds in the shirt were perfect to create the impression of a muscular chest.  With a large brush, I used the Forward Warp Tool to push the folds down and imply pecs.

4.  Expanding the arms


The arms are now too scrawny for the model’s torso.  With a large brush, just a few clicks of the Bloat Tool to expand the biceps and forearms.

5.  Expanding the legs


With the upper body complete, the legs need to be expanded to match.  Using the Bloat Tool with a large brush, I used just a few clicks over the legs to create a more muscular look.  One final touch is to thicken the face.  Using a small brush, I used the Forward Warp Tool to create a more muscular face.


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