Bluetooth Stereo Headphones That Work With Palm Pre

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The Palm Pre still has bluetooth problems.  But, I did find a pair of bluetooth headphones that actually works with the Palm Pre … Motorokr S305.

palm-pre-headphonesI hate dealing with a cord.  One of the great things about the Pre is that it supports stereo bluetooth with A2DP.  Or, should I say supposed toPalm’s Official Forum has reported problems with various bluetooth headphones, so I was waiting for a fix … especially before spending over $100 of something that might be choppy or cut-out (just some of the reported problems).  Last week, I received an email from that the Motorola Motorokr S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones was on sale for $39.04.  I checked the various Pre sites and they all list the S305 as compatible.  More importantly, there were no reports on the Palm Forum about problems!  So, I took a chance and ordered it.

I am very impressed with the Motorokr S305:

  • Stereo sound quality is very good (music and videos)
  • Buttons are big and easy to control
  • Impressive 30ft range (yes…really!)
  • Strong bluetooth connection provided uninterrupted sound indoors, outdoors, in the car and on the train.
  • Built-in microphone provided clear phone conversations.
  • Great performance.  I was listening to some music, received a call, the music paused, and I took the call.  When the call ended, the music automatically continued where it left off.
  • Not sure about the battery life.  I used the S305 on-and-off all weekend and it did not need a charge.

If you are looking for a pair of bluetooth stereo headphone, try to Motorokr S305.  You will be happy with the results … especially for under $40!

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