Palm Pre & WI-FI Errors

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This weekend, I had numerous problems getting my Palm Pre on local WI-FI networks.  I had two persistent problems and could find little documentation about what they really mean.  Based on my own trial-and-error (and frustration), I came up with the following:

pre-wifi11. Association Failed

This error is most likely generated by a secure wi-fi network using and encryption scheme like WEP or WPA.

Such networks require you to know the following:

  • network name
  • your username
  • your password

Possible problems:

  • typo in any of the above
  • change on the network
  • change in your access

If you are sure that you should have access to this wi-fi network, it is most likely a typo.  Remember capitalization counts!

pre-wifi22.  IP Configuration Failed

If you see this error, you probably have entered the correct information for the following:

  • network name
  • your username
  • your password

Chances are something changed on the wi-fi network and the Pre is using cached settings.   The wi-fi network should be dynamically assigning an IP number for your session which would be different from the previous session.

We need to clear out the old settings and the Pre can be stubborn.

pre-wifi3 3.  Clearing your old WI-FI settings

The following steps cleared my cached settings:

  • Tap the network name to open the Preferences.
  • Slide the Automatic IP settings to OFF
  • Click the big red button at the bottom labeled Forget Network
  • Go back to the WI-FI screen and search for a new network.  Let the Pre find the network again and try to join it.  You will need to enter your username and password, so keep them handy.
  • If this attempt fails, tap on the network name again.  Slide the Automatic IP settings to OFF and then to ON.

If it works, you will see the IP address and the rest of the info on this screen filled in.  Click the Done button and you will finally see that big check next to the network’s name.

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2 Replies to “Palm Pre & WI-FI Errors”

  1. I have the same problem, it ocurrs when my bateri is empty, but i cant fix the problem doing your recommendation.

  2. Have you updated the WebOS to 1.4.1? I am not sure if it is available in Mexico. You can also try rebooting the phone, but I find public WIFI hotspots very unreliable with the Pre. It is much more reliable to use the phone carrier’s data plan when I am away from a secure network.

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