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Are you following on Twitter?  Did you see their Tweet-N-Seek contest? Each contest starts a Twitter-based scavenger hunt that forces Followers to seek the next clue on or one of’s Partners.  At the end of a dozen-plus clues, the Followers are directed to post all clues on’s Facebook page and then send an email to special contest address with their Twitter Account name, real name and all answers.

Each contest has been challenging and generated quite a lot of buzz.  But, according to Neel Grover,’s Pres & CEO, it has brought 250,000 new visitors to  In a recent article on, Gover stated

To be at the forefront of the retail industry right now you need to find innovative ways to reach your customers, respond to them, and thank them for their loyalty.  With the Tweet n Seek promotions, we have raised brand awareness and received a great response from our followers.

The result?  Getting tech-savvy customers to actively “discover” new things that their demographic would be interesting in buying.  Now that’s brilliant marketing!

Take a look at some of the Tweet-N-Seek pieces below:




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