Topaz Detail – Sharpening Test – Part 2

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Yesterday, I covered the basics of Topaz Detail.  But, one of the easiest ways to test sharpening is with rasterized text.


The first block is the original block of text rasterized as JPG and saved with 50% compression.  There is slight JPG noise but it is acceptable.  That is until you start manipulating it.  With each save, you are generating a version farther away from the original source.  With every generation, there is degradation of the image.  Sharpening enhancing everything including the growing flaws.

The second block is the original image with Unsharpening Mask set at 100%.  A very obvious halo effect has been created around the text as a result of the sharpening.  The noise is more pronounced.

The third block is the original image processed with Topaz Detail.  The settings are below.


I used the Small Details slider to reduce the JPG noise.  I used the Medium Details slider to boost the darkness of the text.  The end result is a subtle boost and sharpening while minimizing the defects.  In fact, I used a similar setting after I resized the above screen capture.  Pretty sharp isn’t it??!!


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