Weekend Photo Shoot – Outdoor Farmer’s Market

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End of Summer / early Fall is a great time to visit an outdoor farmer’s market.  In New York City, most of the best is located in Union Square on the corner of Broadway & 14th St.  Variety of colors and textures in natural sunlight are perfect for a weekend photo shoot!


Just remember a few simple rules:

  • Where there is a crowd, there will be tourists with cameras.  Just blend in and have fun.
  • Photography at such outdoor events is usually allowed, but be considerate. The sellers are trying to make a living.  Don’t get the the way of a sale.
  • Stick to the fruit and vegetables.  Do not photography the crafts or collectibles.  (The sellers may think you are trying to “copy” their designs or report them.)
  • Look for colorful arrangements.  Stacked fruits and vegetables are very photographic.
  • Sunlight and shade.  Most vendors will have a canopy.  You are photographing in available light.  (A flash will create harsh shadows which are not as flattering.  A flash will also annoy the vendors.)
  • Plan at least two-passes around the market.  The first time through, you may be a little “shy”.  After a while, you will get into a grove and get your best shots.

It’s a great way to spend an afternoon!


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  1. Wonderful shot! Unfortunately for me, the market was too crowded to get the ideal “people” shot, so I focused on the colors of the fruit and vegetables.

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