Topaz Adjust v. Topaz Detail

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about the resent upgrade to Topaz Detail.   Having used the program for a while now, I thought I would compare Topaz Detail to Topaz Adjust.  Some basics about both plugins:

  • Work with Photoshop CS3 and CS4 (PC & Mac, but PC support extends back to Photoshop 7)
  • Purchase includes both the 32-bit version AND the 64-bit version.  If you have installed both Photoshop CS4 32-bit and Photoshop CS4 64-bit on the same computer, you can install the dedicated Topaz plugin in the respective programs.

So what is the difference? Take a look at the following set:


  • Topaz Detail will add a  natural subtle boost through contrast, sharpness or color.
  • Topaz Adjust starts with a subtle boost but can also go to an extreme boost.

I was very disappointed in the original shot above.  Topaz Detail was able to sharpen and add natural contrast to the photo.  But, Topaz Adjust takes it to a different level.


Topaz Adjust is very powerful. It can be as simple as clicking on the existing presets on the left and then clicking OK to apply.  But, the real fun is experimenting with the settings on each tab —  Exposure, Details and Color.  The sliders make experimentation easy.  If you want to apply the effect to multiple photos, you can save the settings (on all tabs) as a new Preset. And, if you are trying to remove noise in the photo at the same time, Topaz Adjust includes a “lite” version of Topaz Denoise.  However, if you also have Topaz Denoise installed on the same computer, Topaz Adjust can access the Denoise algorithm directly (set the check-off box on the Noise tab) and apply it at the same time.

Here are larger versions of the photos enhanced through Topaz Detail and Topaz Adjust.



It all depends on your desired effect. If you are just looking for a subtle natural enhancement, then Topaz Detail is perfect.  However, if you are not sure and what to experiment with more extreme effect, then you need Topaz Adjust.



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