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I have had the Gorillapod Focus for almost a year.  I have used it in place of a table top tripod, but that’s about it.  I want to try mounting my camera to my car and started looking at some window mounts.   But, then it dawned on me to try using the Gorillapod!

The Focus was released last year.  It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and is the most rugged in the Gorillapod series.  It can easily support the weight of my dSLR with battery grip and a good size lens.  The only thing it is missing is a proper tripod head.  Well, since I now have the Gitzo GH1780QR I have the perfect head.  I came up with the following rig:


  • Microfiber cloth to protect the finish on my side-view mirror
  • Gorillapod Focus
  • Gitzo GH1780QR
  • Canopy Tarp Bungee Cords
  • Alzo Wireless RF Shutter Release

This set-up worked very well.  Without the Bungee Cords, the rig would have just slide right off because of the microfiber cloth.  But with them secured around the side-view mirror itself and double securing the Focus, everything stayed in its place.

It was a great first attempt.  Next time, I will try removing the battery grip to lower the camera and reduce a possible vibration point.  I may also try an L-plate to secure the camera.  Let me know if you have any ideas!

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