Canon 7D w/ BG-E7 Battery Grip

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7d-w-grip2Now, my Canon 7D feels complete!  Adorama came through yet again.  They were the first store in NYC to receive Canon’s new BG-E7 Grip for the Canon 7D. Special thanks to Joel, Efraim and Todd at Adorama.

I have used the dedicated grip with every camera since the Canon 20D.  Grips add weight to the camera, but in such a way that helps to balance a heavier L-lens. You need to use it with a lens like the 24-70mm L, 85mm L or the 70-200mm L to appreciate it.

The BG-E7 adds several features to the 7D:

  • Doubling the batteries for extended shooting/video recording time
  • A second shutter for use in Portrait style (instead of Landscape)
  • A second M-fn button and Main Dial for Portrait mode
  • Additional set of buttons for AF-ON, AE-lock, AF Point Selection and Magnify
  • Lock to disable the extra buttons.
  • A replacement Tripod Socket
  • A second Strap Mount
  • Matching Rubberized grip

I have been shooting with the 7D for a few weeks and I really missed that second shutter button.  Almost as important is the second Strap Mount which allows for use of Canon’s E1 Hand Strap.  I can spend hours at a time with the camera in hand by using Canon’s Hand Strap.  Up to this point, I had been using Opteka’s Wrist Grip Strap, but it does not fit flush with the camera and loosens with use.

As for use, the BG-E7 feels as solid as the 7D. It also has stayed put and has not loosened with use.  The same with my quick-release tripod plate attached to the replacement Tripod Socket.  I have had great battery without the benefit of the additional battery.  So far, I have been able to fill a 16gb card draining the battery only half way.  I should be able to shoot for days at a time with the benefits of the additional battery.

If you spend a lot of time shooting in Portrait style, you should take a look at adding the BG-E7 to your Canon 7D wishlist.  That is … if you can find it.



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2 Replies to “Canon 7D w/ BG-E7 Battery Grip”

  1. Great blog, and thanks for taking the time to feed back regarding the great service from Joel, Efraim and Todd in the Adorama used department.
    I’ve passed on your comments to their manager, who I know will be delighted.

    If you ever have any queries or concerns in the future relating to an order from Adorama – or AdoramaPix – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

  2. I continue to be pleased with the level of service at Adorama. After all those gruff experiences at B&H, I really appreciate a big store that treats its customers like neighbors instead of cattle!

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