Canon 7D Class at B&H’s Event Space

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This is a busy week in NYC.  Many well-known speakers, photographers and graphic artists are in the city for PhotoPlus Expo.  As a result, B&H’s Event Space is the place to be.

The Event Space at B&H has classes on a variety of topics throughout the year.  But, with so many well-known people around, this week’s schedule has been top-notch.  For example:

  • Michael H. Reichmann,
  • John Paul Caponigro
  • Joyce Tenneson
  • Antonin Kratochvil
  • Susan and Neil Silverman

Previous speakers have included Jim Miotke,, as well as reps from Adobe, Canon, Nikon, Leica, Lensbaby, etc.  B&H even has scheduled photo trips like the Lensbaby Photo Safari of Central Park.

But, yesterday’s class was all about the 7D with guest speaker Rudy Winston from Canon.  What a great class!  Here are some hightlights:

  • ISO 6400 & 12,800 become usable with high-key images (over-exposed image) since digital noise is more pronounced in dark colors.  You can re-adjust the exposure in Photoshop.
  • Under C.Fn III-6, you can enable AF Point Expansion and AF Spot Focus.
  • Under C.Fn IV, you can enable the Multi-controller (joystick) to quickly select AF Points
  • Also under C.Fn IV, you can enable the new M-Fn button to trigger the Electronic Level in the View Finder
  • There are two different places to enable a grid in the Viewfinder and Live View. Very helpful to keep the shot level.
  • Under C.Fn II, you can enable Highlight Tone Priority to records additional details in bright highlights (for HDR of Level adjustments)
  • The 7D will default to Movie Rec Size of 1920×1080 @30fps.  To change it to 24 fps, flip the Live View switch to Movie and then press the Menu button.  Use the Multi-controller joystick to toggle to the 4th icon.  The third item in the menu is Movie Rec Size.  Just move over it and press the SET button to change it.

You can expect more Tips and Tricks at PhotoPlus Expo.  If you have not registered yet, you can still get a FREE Exhibit Hall Pass to see all of the vendors on the trade show floor. Just enter BHcard in the VIP Code area.

I will have a report from the show on Friday.

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  1. Wonderful writeup and very gratifying to read. In addition to the Event Space at B&H link in the article above, you can also find us on Twitter at BH_Event_Space.

    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video

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