Canon 7D – Halloween in New York City

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In spite of the problem with my site, I actually had a great weekend.  Halloween in New York City is an event. Almost every jaded New Yorker is willing to throw caution to the wind and get in to the Halloween spirit.  From Battery Park to the Bronx, you could find people in costume.

I filmed my latest video capturing some of the activities on Halloween, including two big events.  The Dia de los Muertos at St. Marks had a great turn-out with food, dancing and crafts.  Then, there was the 36th Annual Halloween Parade.  Lots of people, costumes and rain!  Just as the parade reached my viewpoint, it started to drizzle.  Within an hour, it started to pour and the parade turned into a sea of umbrellas.  Still, everyone was in good spirits and had fun.

The HD video was recorded on my Canon 7D with the 17-55mm IS EFS lens. All of the video was hand-held.  The Image Stablization built into the lens worked very well, especially since I was filming the parade three people deep while holding the camera over my head.  Take a look.


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