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When is a Photoshop plugin not a plugin?  When it is really a set of Actions.  I wrote this about Topaz ReMask 1.  Now, just 3-months later, Topaz ReMask 2 has been released with a real plugin interface.  ReMask still uses a “trimask” to identify the masked areas, but the new interface streamlines its creation.

1.  Start with the Blue Brush


ReMask 2 will not function on the Background Layer.  You must duplicate the Layer for use (and safety).  With Topaz ReMask 2 running, just start with the Blue Brush and outline the object to be masked.  You can vary the size of the brush just like in Photoshop (slider or [ or ] keys).  This Blue area will be processed ReMask to identify colors to keep and colors to remove.

2.  Red to Delete, Green to Keep and Blue to Process


With the Blue Border identified, use the Red Bucket to determine which area is to be removed (inside the blue border or outside).  With both the Blue Border and the Red area defined, just select either High Quality or Draft in the Compute area.  (A real button would have made more sense.)

3.  Fine tune with the Magic Brush


After Computing the trimask areas, you can click on the Keep tab at the top of the plugin window to fine tune the mask.  With the Topaz Magic Brush checked, you can now use the Red Brush to remove areas or the Green Brush to restore areas.  Simple.

4.  Click OK to complete Mask


With the Mask complete, just click the OK button in the lower right corner to finalize the mask and return to Photoshop.


Topaz ReMask 2 is a logical next step for this program.  By adding a “real” interface, ReMask 2 is finally a real plugin.  It is simple enough for even a novice Photoshop user to produce good results and it includes both a 32-bit & 64-bit version.  If you are looking for a quick mask or some masked objects for a composite, ReMask 2 is a great tool.


Quick Masks with Topaz ReMask

Creating Complex Masks with Topaz ReMask 3.2


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