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The above photo was taken with my new favorite lens — Canon’s 35mm f/1.4 L.  On my Canon 7D with the 1.6 crop, this lens becomes the equivalent of the magic standard lens (56mm).  Ever since I purchased my Canon 85mm f/1.2 L, I knew that I wanted a fast prime that put me closer to the action.  I tried a few lenses at PhotoPlus Expo, and settled on this lens.  It is very intimate!  Basically, it is close to what the eye sees in terms of magnification and perspective.  In fact, I can keep both eyes open, one through the viewfinder and one au naturale.   It opens a whole new world of picture taking.

I was hoping Canon would include this lens in the Winter Promotion.  Unfortunately, they did not.  After shopping all the NYC camera stores, I finally found a bargain on this magic lens from Adorama in the Used Equipment Department!  Now, I am not one for shopping thrift stores, so I wasn’t keen on the idea of buying something that is not brand new.  But, things are tight all over and every penny counts.  Used camera equipment saves 20% – 30% off already competitive pricing! That’s a real savings when a lens is over $1000!

What about ebay?

I have been burned by an ebay seller with a great sob story and a low price.  It boils down to can you trust the seller and the seller’s description of the item?  A seller who knows nothing about photography may not realize (or want to know) that the lens was dropped and should not make a rattling sound!

Rating Systems

Both Adorma and B&H Photo know the camera business.  They each have very active Used Equipment Depts.  Both companies buy and sell used equipment daily with a constantly changing stock.  What sets them apart from vendors on ebay is their rating systems.  When a lens (or other piece of equipment) comes in, it is cataloged,  tested and rated according to their scales.


I have purchased used lenses from both Adorama and B&H Photo.  My 35mm f/1.4 L was rated an E from Adorama and my 85 f/1.2 L was rated a 9+ from B&H.  Excellent lenses at a real discount.  Used lenses are a great way to build your collection!  Just remember to pick-up a Mack Warranty at the same time.



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