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Do you have a long commute? Or, maybe you want to stay up-to-date without using your company’s traceable internet connection?  Then this App is for you!

Created by Trileet Inc, Newsroom is the ultimate RSS Feed reader.  Almost every website offers an RSS feed.  In some cases, it is just a preview or maybe a limited number of articles.  But, for many sites, a substantial portion of their content is available to the RSS feed.  (HINT – it will improve your search engine optimiztion, ranking and searchability.)   Newsroom’s elegant reader will pull in this feed, and even optimize the images for your device while retaining all embedded hyperlinks for another level of reading through your mobile web browser.

Just click the plus symbol in the upper right corner to add sites from the featured site list.  Or, you can use the built-in search function to find a new site.  You can even enter your own URL directly.  Once a site is added, Newsroom will contact the site and pull down the newest content.  Each site is flagged on the first screen with the number of updated articles.  Just click the site to start with the beginning of the article.  Stroke the screen up to read the full article with photos.  You can also stroke to the left to flip to the next article.  Very intuitive!

Trileet create the following YouTube video which shows you Newsroom in action on the Palm Pre.  The App is $4.99 on the Pre.  Expensive, but once you uses it, you will see it is well worth it.

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  1. You will see that NewsRoom also turns most feeds that don’t have much in them into full articles, regardless if the site publishes a feed like that. Check CNN, NYT, BBC, Yahoo Top Stories, etc.

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