istockphoto has royalty free audio too

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So you spent days shooting video and even more time editing and finessing your masterpiece, and now you want to use a Taylor Swift song as background audio?? Does that show real creativity??

You probably already use for royalty-free stock photos and art.  Well, they also have royalty-free audio and sound effects.  You can purchase a 2-minute loopable professionally recorded track for 25-credits (approx. $1.40 per credit).  You can even download a “comp” of the audio track to test how it fits with your video.  There are even some discount coupons floating around which will reduce the per credit cost to $1.

The search feature needs to be improved for audio searches.  For example, I would like to be able to search based on length of clip, but unfortunately it does not.  It can mean going through screens of clips listening for the right one.  Thankfully there are plenty of good quality clips to choose.

Now you can leave Taylor Swift on you ipod 😉


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