YouTube and Vimeo: Comparing HD Video Compression

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When I first uploaded my Autumn Walk on Long Island to YouTube, I was very disappointed.  Even at the 720p mode, YouTube turned the video into blocky mush.  The original video was very sharp, but YouTube had a problem converting all the zooms and the transitions.  I thought this was typical of the current state of the web.

However, I saw a big difference with Vimeo when I uploaded the same Canon7D HD video.  I was really surprised at the difference in video image quality.  In fact, Vimeo at 720p is better than YouTube’s new 1080p mode.  Take a look.

Full view comparisons






Detailed Close Up: look detail in the trees / grass as well as the sign nailed to the tree





YouTube’s 1080p is much better than their standard video and 720p video.  However, Vimeo’s 720p is very close to the original HD video quality.  Don’t take my word for it. Compare it yourself below.

Canon 7D – Autumn Walk on Long Island from photoframd on Vimeo.

NOTE: In my previous article, I have additional comparisons between YouTube & Vimeo.

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