Gifts for the Photographer

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Whether you are looking for  a special gift for a photographer or photo-enthusiast, this short-list has products which will be used and greatly appreciated for a long time.  I personally use every product on this list and recommended them.


1. Zagg Invisible Shield: I have used Invisible Shields for years starting with my Canon 20D. I was looking for a LCD protector that did not peel off. I wasted money on several products by different manufacturers. The Zagg is the only one that never peel! It is made from a military-grade crystal clear film that was developed to protect helicopter blades for the US Military. I now use Invisible Shields on my Canon 7D, Canon 40D, Canon G9, Palm Pre and even my in-car GPS Navigation! I have also give the full-body Invisible Shields to family and friends for the iPods.

Zagg makes the Invisible Shields for specific models. Order direct, but look for Zagg on Twitter for coupons and discounts!


2. Kata E-702 Elements Cover: ever want to take pictures in the rain or snow? Well, this cover is for you. It has a clear cover for the camera body so that you can see all of the camera settings and buttons. The front is velcro adjustable and extends out for a medium lens. It does not cover the front element, just the lens body. The sides of the Element Cover have sleeves for you to stick your hands in. They are long enough to work with the camera without getting the camera wet.

My only complaint is that it is not very compact, but does fold-up for a backpack or sling.  If you ever shoot in the pouring rain, this cover is for you!


3. Orbis Ring Flash Diffuser: If you shoot portraits or product shots, you will love this product. It is a ring-shaped diffuser which slips over your bounce flash to produce a soft ring of light. It works completely with your camera’s TTL and it is big enough to accommodate up to a 86mm lens.  It can be used with your lens sticking through (macro & portrait shots) or off-camera completely.

It will create beautiful ring reflections in the pupil’s of your subject with very soft shadows.

gift-photo4 4. Hoya Screw-in Rubber Lens Hood: I almost cracked one of my ridiculously expensive Canon lens hoods by overpacking my camera bag. Since then, I have been using this soft rubber lens hood. It screws-on the front of the lens and has three positions which can be used with wide angle, standard and telephoto lens.
gift-photo5 5. Alzo Wireless Shutter Release: Every so often, I find the need for a wireless shutter release. With such an occasional need, I could not justify spending $500 for Canon’s LC-5. I found the Alzo unit on Amazon for only $43 for Canon EOS mount (as well as Canon Rebel, Nikon, Fuji and Sony mounts) and it’s even eligible for Prime!

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