Canon 7D & Capture One 5 Training

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I have written several articles about Adobe Camera Raw 5.6 adding noise to Canon 7D Raw files (Article 1, Article 2 & Article 3).  I have given up on Adobe and moved on to Capture One 5 Pro.  Digging into C15 is similar enough to Camera Raw & Lightroom that you can follow the flow and produce results.  However, C15 has so many customization options and new features that it can be tough to get a handle on how thing fit together.  Surprisingly, Phase One does not offer any training books.  BUT, they do have some great videos on YouTube.

Now that you have seen what Capture One 5 can do, there is a great deal on in-person training.  Calumet is holding seminars at most of its US locations.  For only $49.95, you will attend the 2 1/2 hour seminar AND get a FREE license to Capture One 5 (Standard Edition). That’s a savings of $80 on a great piece of software.


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