Canon 7D Tips: Customize Settings with My Menu

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With all the technology packed into the Canon 7D, its no wonder there  are 11 menu screens!  Trying to find a particular setting while out on a shoot can be frustrating.  But, thankfully, Canon included the My Menu screen!

1.  My Menu is the STAR


Although you did earn a gold star when you selected the Canon 7D, that’s not the reason for the very last menu.  That Star is for My Menu and allows you to add and remove any menu setting for quick access.

2.  Start by Registering


With your cursor over My Menu Settings, press the SET button.  You will now see the above screen.  Your first step is to Register.  Seems a little ominous, but don’t worry.  Move your cursor over Register and click the SET button.

3.  Find your most used settings


You will now be able to scroll through every setting in all of the menus.  Select a setting and click the SET Button.

Find the ones you use most often. Remember, your goal is to build a quick access menu.  But, don’t worry … the settings will still be accessible through their existing menus.  You are just creating a new shortcut on the My Menu screen.

4.  Confirm your selection


Confirm your selection by moving the cursor to the OK on the screen and click the SET button.

5. Your selected setting now appears on your My Menu screen.


Simple!  To add more settings just repeat the process.  You have 6-slots to fill, so pick your most used settings.

6.  My Menu Settings


These are my My Menu settings. I have kept them for a few months now and find this screen to be a real time saver especially when you are on a shoot.  Note that the Movie rec. size setting is dimmed.  It will still only be accessible while you are in Video mode, but it is always helpful to know the setting BEFORE you start recording!



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Canon 7D Tips: Customize Settings with My Menu


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  1. Great simple explanation. When using c1, c2 or c3 can you have different ‘my menus’ set up for each?


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