Palm Pre & iTunes Sync – stuck in the middle

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I have been waiting 2 months for Palm to fix the iTunes sync again.  But, it’s still not working!  I have tried a few of the work-arounds like MediaMonkey, Salling Media Sync and Doubletwist, but none are as easy as using iTunes (when it works).

I checked the Palm forums to see if there is an official alternative for syncing MP3s.  Nothing.  So, I figured I would ask Palm.  During a live chat, the Palm rep recommended that I downgrade to iTunes  Considering iTunes has caused problems on my PC more than once, I was reluctant.  But, the Palm rep insisted that it would work and pushed this link to download the older version of iTunes.  So, I followed the steps he recommended:

  1. Uninstalled my current iTunes.
  2. Rebooted my computer.
  3. Installed iTunes

And, it actually worked.  I did accidentally delete my Playlist, but iTunes now syncs with my Palm Pre.  Considering both Verizon and AT&T will be selling the Palm Pre & Pixi, I expect Palm to release a true permanent solution.  Until then, just remember NOT to update iTunes again 😉



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