Delkin’s Fat Gecko Camera Mount

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This is one Gecko that knows nothing about car insurance.

Delkin has introduced a new take on a car-mount for your camera or videocamera.  Instead of mounting on the window, the Fat Gecko has two large suction cups which will mount on to any smooth surface … car, window, wall … you get the idea.  The Fat Gecko is rated for up to 8 pounds which is plenty to support the Canon 7D, Battery grip and lens.  It includes:

  • Universal ¼” Screw Mount
  • Extendable Height
  • 360° Tilt, Turn & Rotation for any filming angle
  • Dual-Locking Suction will mount to any smooth surface
  • Rugged Construction with a steel frame

Actual Use

This has to be one of the scariest things I have ever done with a camera.  I first mounted the Fat Gecko with my 7D to the front of my car hood and went for a drive.  Big mistake!  The car hood has too much play to keep the camera still.  With every bump and dip, the camera swayed and my heart dropped.  But, the Fat Gecko held strong and never loosened.  The camera was never in any danger of slipping off.

For my second attempt, I mounted the Fat Gecko to the glass of my sunroof.  This really worked!  The Fat Gecko is suitable for both still photography and video.

I would like to see an add-on to provide stabilizing support for the lens, but the Fat Gecko is a unique product.  What use can you find for it?

Adorama has the Fat Gecko in-stock for $69.95.


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