Smith Victor CS-1 version – Shoulder Mount Camera Stabilizer $44.95

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It turns out that this offer is even better than I expected.  B&H carries almost the exact shoulder mount stabilizer for $79.95 under the name Smith Victor CS-1.  You could go to B&H and spend more … or you could order the unit from Adorama for $44.95.  The difference — the Adorama unit does not have the Smith Victor label on it.  Take a look and compare yourself.


This unit is still available through Adorama for $44.95 with Free shipping.

This offer was going to expire last night, but because of the response, Adorama has agreed to extend the offer for a few more days. As an exclusive for my readers, you can purchase the unit for only $34.95 with FREE shipping.  Again, this is a limited time offer.


Shoulder Mount Camera Stabilizer for Under $50

Smith Victor CS-1 version

Video Sample: Shoulder Mount Camera Stabilizer In Use


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5 Replies to “Smith Victor CS-1 version – Shoulder Mount Camera Stabilizer $44.95”

  1. Sorry, but the Shoulder Mount is almost out of stock. They only have a few pieces left. If you call them and say that you saw the sale price here, they may honor the sale until they exhaust their inventory. Adorama just informed me that their next shipment will be in 2-months.

  2. I bought this one a few weeks ago: amazing.
    I used other shouldermounts too, they were much more heavy and after 20 mins filming,
    my shoulder hurtet like hell.
    this one here is not the best mechanical quality (feels kinda cheap),
    but it does a really great job!

  3. It is a bargain. The quality is surprisingly good for the cheap price. There are much more sophisticated and complex shoulder mounts, but if you are looking for something lightweight or just your “first” to see if you like it, you can not go wrong! And, I did load it up with the 7D, battery grip, Rode VideoMic and even the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS L lens.

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