Review: Philip Bloom’s Learn 2 Shoot Great Video on Canon 7D

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Turn off Blue Peter and grab your Nun’s Knicker’s, it’s time to get bloody serious about video on the Canon 7D.  Philip Bloom is an international director/filmmaker who has jumped on the Canon bandwagon.  Starting with the Canon 5D Mark II, Philip has now incorporated the Canon 7D and the new Canon 1D Mark IV into his productions.

Philip just released a new tutorial DVD, Learn 2 Shoot Great Video on Canon 7D.  It is a wonderful insight into professional cinematography using a dSLR.  Philip brings his extensive expertise and provides you the basics for shooting video like selecting your gear, lenses and shooting a scene.  This is the ONLY reference that is actually dedicated to shooting video on the Canon 7D and it is very insightful.

The 60-minute DVD covers to following topics:

  • Gear choices like CompactFlash cards, boom microphone, video tripods and Zacuto supports
  • 7D camera settings for a cinema look
  • Using an external LCD screen while shooting
  • Sound recording using a separate audio recorder and wireless mic
  • Philip’s favorite lenses for shooting video with a demo of each lens
  • Shutter speeds of 24p v. 30p in 1920×1080
  • Shutter speeds of 50p v 60p in 1280×720
  • Rolling shutter explained and demonstrated
  • Shooting video with artificial light and avoiding the light flicker
  • Shooting video at night
  • Shooting timelapse video from still images
  • Workflow with Final Cut Pro (importing video, creating proxy files, and creating slow motion)

The overall tutorial is a pleasure to watch and very informative.  The video is available as either a DVD or as a download direct from Philip Bloom’s  I ordered the DVD and received in within a week.  The regular price is $175, but it is on sale for $135.  Best yet, if you look here there is a discount code for an additional 20% off.  The behind-the-scenes of the following video are included as part of the instruction on the DVD.

By the way, Philip is also the twisted mind behind the YouTube video Hilter is not happy about the 7D.  Maybe you have to grow-up watching BBC1 to stick with it…

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4 Replies to “Review: Philip Bloom’s Learn 2 Shoot Great Video on Canon 7D”

  1. Thanks for the review. What killer tips did you learn from Bloom’s video that you didn’t know before?

  2. Well, I don’t think it would be fair to Philip to go into any greater detail than I already have. If I did, then you would not need to buy the video. I did enjoy it and recommend it for anyone interested in shooting video with the Canon 7D. Be sure to click the link for the discount code.

    I will tell you that I am going to start experimenting with time-lapse video because of this DVD.

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