Tripods not allowed? Try one of these alternatives

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As I mentioned earlier in the week, there are many places that do not allow the use of tripods.  A tripod can be viewed as a safety problem or a public hazard.  But, more likely, a tripod is a symbol of a professional photographer and someone is looking for a permit fee.  If you do not have time for the paperwork or the hassle, you can try using one of these alternatives that do not look like a traditional tripod.

Joby Gorillapod Focus


Joby offers the Gorillapod in 4 different sizes.  The newest and strongest version is the Gorillapod Focus.  Easily the coolest looking version, the Focus is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and support 11-pounds of camera weight.  As you can tell from the above photo, it is flexible enough to accommodate any situation.

The Focus can roll-up to fit in your camera bag.  But, more importantly, the Focus does not look like a tripod.

Delkin Fat Gecko


I recently wrote about Delkin’s Fat Gecko when I was working on my video A Mid-Winter’s Dream.  The Fat Gecko is rated for 8 pounds of camera weight and its suction cups will mount on any smooth surface like a floor, wall, mirror, window, etc.  Most recently, I used it in Grand Central Station by mounting it to the marble banister.

The Fat Gecko will fit in most camera bags.  And again, the Fat Gecko does not look like a tripod.

Steadepod for only $30

Back in October, I was at PhotoPlus Expo and found the SteadePodFor under $30, The SteadePod mounts to your cameras standard 1/4? screw-mount and incorporates a lanyard system to stabilize your camera during hand-held operation.  Basically, the lanyard creates enough tension to steady your camera without the need for a tripod.  Just pull out enough line, lock it in place and secure it to your belt, and you are ready to go.  So simple and so effective.  I was skeptical at first, but I tried it.  I was hooked…literally.  In fact, it worked so well that I used it to shoot my YouTube video from the floor of PhotoPlus Expo!


If someone tells you no tripods, be creative and try a tripod alternative!


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