Canon 7D Tips – Time Lapse Video & Studio HD

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Back when I created Time Square Pop, I was planning to use Pinnacle Studio HD for the entire process.  After spending an hour trying to figure out how-to accomplish this, I gave up and used the technique described by Philip Bloom in his DVD.

Since then, I decided to give Studio HD another try.  I opened a  support ticket with Pinnacle to see if there was a work around.  After going back and forth with a very dense support rep, he finally understood what I was tying to accomplish.  And yes, it is possible but you need to change a setting.

1.  In Studio HD, go to Setup>Project Preferences.

2.  In the first tab Project Preferences, look in the upper right box labeled Default Durations.  Change the setting for Titles/Stills to 00.01.

3.  Open the Photo folder and drag all the photos directly to the Timeline.

That’s it.  You will be able to tweak the images directly on the Timeline to fix any alignment issues.

One important difference between this method and using QuickTime Prothe images must be correctly sized before you drag them to the Timeline.  I used the same photos as I did previously, but you will notice that the images show black bars on the sides to fill the empty space.  As long as the images are properly sized to 1920×1080 pixels (or some variant of that) you will be fine.


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