Green Screen Use in Hollywood

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Whenever I heard Green Screen, I always thought of cheesy effects in 80s Sci Fi movies (bad anti-alias artifacts and plenty of wires).  Sure movies like Avatar easily blur the line between reality and something else, but it was the video below which really opened my eyes.  You would be surprised how common Green Screen use is in every day TV dramas and comedies.

Stargate Studios is one of the leading special effects houses in Hollywood and has worked with every major Television Network and Film Studio.  (They are responsible for many of the special effect shots in NBC’s Heroes.)   Founded by award-winning cinematographer Sam Nicholson, Stargate offers a “Virtual Backlot” to turn Green Screen shots into breath-taking realistic cinema.  Stargate uploaded the following 2009 Sample Reel on YouTube which shows the original Green Screen shot and the final processed image.  It’s an eye-opener!

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2 Replies to “Green Screen Use in Hollywood”

  1. That is amazing footage, really had no idea it was so widely used. On the other hand being why should I be surprised knowing what’s possible with multiple video layers today. My daughter uses a green background this all the time in shooting promotional videos, is why she calls her company “Green Drop Video Productions”!

  2. I expect Green Screen shots in Sci-Fi movies and shows, but not your typical TV comedy. The before & after shots of Ugly Betty really surprised me. The TV show is now shot in NYC and they still use Green Screens for street shots. The final effect is flawless!

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