Joby Gorillapod Focus Goes Where Tripods Can’t

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I have written about Joby’s Gorillapod Focus before.  It is the perfect alternative when a tripod is not allowed.

More and more places in New York City are restricting the use of tripods.  I was chased out of the South Street Seaport this weekend by a security guard.  A couple weeks ago, I was chased off the bleachers in Times Square.  Whether it is a “real” security issue or just the property owner looking to collect a “fee”, it can be frustrating to use a tripod in NYC.  Image stabilization lenses work well but not when you are trying to shooting a time-lapse sequence.

That’s where the Gorillapod Focus comes in.  It is smaller and less conspicuous than a tripod and most security guards have no idea what it is.  It is also quicker to set-up and can easily be moved around allowing you to get in, take your photo/photos and get out with less of a hassle.

The Gorillapod Focus is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, supports up to 11 pounds but weighs a little over 1 pound.  At under 1-foot long, it should even fit in your camera bag.  (Remember … it bends!)  As the above photos show, it can be used as a tabletop tripod or securely wrapped around a railing and even a pole.  It can securely hold the Canon 7D with BG-E7 Battery Grip and a pro Canon L lens (in this case the Canon 24mm TS-E L).  It is strong enough to support a tripod head; I have even used my Gitzo GH1780QR Head with it.

Special Sale at Adorama

I bought the Gorillapod Focus at PhotoPlus Expo direct from Joby when it was launched for $100, and it has proven to be a worthwhile investment.  But this week, Adorama has a special on the Gorillapod Focus for my Photoframd readers for only $64.95.  This is a limit time offer.


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4 Replies to “Joby Gorillapod Focus Goes Where Tripods Can’t”

  1. I have a Gorillapod SLR-Zoom for about two year now. Even though it seems very handy at the time, I hardly use it. I really miss a ballhead on top as mine has a small screw, which does not fit the larger hole on my Manfrotto ballhead.

    I do keep it because I’m sure it can come in handy sometime. Like today, I bought a very cheap dolley for moving furniture to see how it would work with a tripod on top. For lower shots, I used the Gorillapod as a small tripod directly under the camera and that worked well.

  2. They do offer ballheads for the SLR-Zoom and have one coming for the Focus. But, if you already have a lightweight tripod head, try using that first. The Focus is stronger, so it can support more weight. Another cool use for the Gorillapod is to use it as an off-camera flash holders.

  3. Same here. I’ve been using the SLR-Zoom for nearly two years and I’m very happy with it despite it not having a ballhead. I’m not thinking to upgrade to the focus and/or by a ballhead for the Gorilla.

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