B&H Photo may be Closed, but Adorama Customer Service is Open!

adorama-passoverThis can be a very frustrating time of the year for a photographer.  Traditionally, B&H Photo closes for the entire week of Passover.  In this case through April 6th!!! Usually, Adorama follows suit, but this year is different.

Adorama’s website will remain open taking orders (except for Tuesday & Wednesday).  Adorama’s  website phone sales and customer service will be open to take orders and answer questions.

According to Adorama, all orders will be prepped and packed but will not ship until April 7th.


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3 Replies to “B&H Photo may be Closed, but Adorama Customer Service is Open!”

  1. The first two and last two days of Passover are considered major days of observance with Sabbath-like rules. The four intermediate days, “Chol Ha-Mo’ed,” have more relaxed rules and some works is permitted, unless the day is Sabbath also.

    This year, Mar 30 & 31 (Tue & Wed) were major days. Apr 1-4 (Thur, Fri, Sat & Sun) were “Chol Ha-Mo’ed,” but the evening of the 2nd (Fri) and all of the 3rd (Sat) were Sabbath. The 5th & 6th were again major days.

    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video

  2. I did not know what Abes had done and respectfully I doubt B&H will make corporate decisions, or our owner personal decisions, based on their example. Our owner has elected to close the business for the holiday and I respect him for putting fealty to his Deity above the last dime of profit he can squeeze. If others choose another tack, that’s certainly their prerogative.

    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video

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